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Fastest lap time leader-board for Nürburgring Nordschleife track in Germany. Ferrari F430. You can update the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 Nurb lap time set last year. You'll be pleased to know that they've listed both the 20.6 km 7:18.36 time and the new beaut 20.8 km 7:23.16 so go your hardest lol One track, one lap, one lap time - the lap record on the Nürburgring is the ultimate achievement for all manufacturers championing sporty driving. Since 2019, these record drives are officially confirmed and listed by the Nürburgring. In addition to timekeeping based on calibrated measuring technology.. — Ferrari 430 Scuderia Horst von Saurma | Pirelli P Zero Corsa Top ten fastest Nurburgring lap times by production cars. The prominence of the front-wheel drive lap record may have risen in recent times, but the real kings of the 'Ring are the machines challenging for the overall production car mark. These days, it's never long after the covers have been pulled back off.. Nürburgring lap times and lap records for factory spec cars at the world famous Nordschleife. Koenigsegg CCR. 7:34. Ferrari 430 Scuderia. 7:39. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

All lap times are from cars tuned <600pp and nothing over. If you have lapped the Nurburgring Nordshleife Circuit in a time faster than me in a car up to 600pp (With a gap large enough to be more than just the difference between You can try the Ferrari SP1, it's just an F430 with more downforce The Nurburgring lap time was meant to showcase a showroom condition car's ability to conquer the green hell. For a short little while, it was a glorious thing. Of course, it's been pummelled by 97 other cars since. Cars like the Ferrari F430 ran 7:55m (2005), which was then again bested by the then new..

Nurburgring lap times have been a source of bragging rights in the supercar would forever now, not to mention as well as for sporty sedans, hot hatches and other cars with sporting pretensions. But now it would seem to be the turn of the SUV to nail an impressively low lap time of the North Loop of the.. Did Porsche leave time on the table when it claimed the Nürburgring lap record for a production electric vehicle? Stefan Weckbach, vice president of the Taycan product line When asked whether Porsche had also run the Turbo S and what kind of lap time the Turbo S is capable of, Weckbach clammed up Radical SR8LM Record Lap at Nurburgring in a time of 6:48. See More details at http The video below shows just how stunningly quick this lap was. The time is slightly short of that set by the Porsche 918 Spyder in 2013 but beats the 7:08.69 time set by the Nissan GT-R Nismo in 2013

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  1. g on public Touristfahrten days. My advice here can be summarised in one word: don't. I say this for three reasons Your insurer will then invoke the 'time-trial' exclusion that is standard in every road policy, and you will find yourself personally liable for the GT3 you hit or the biker you injured
  2. Officially the Fastest Lap Times of the Circuit (click the number to play the lap). The official nordschleife lap record video! Pagani Zonda F Clubsport. Nurburgring Specification. Lap Time = 7.24.70. Lap Year = 2006
  3. NIO EP9 Breaks the Nurburgring Nordschleife Lap Record - May 12 2017. Posted in nurburgring lap times Tagged nissan, nordschleife |
  4. utes and 54.36 seconds set by a Honda confirmed that it plans to drive a production-model Civic Type R around the Nurburgring Nordschleife later this year in hopes of setting a new lap record for a..
  5. 19.545sec makes Porsche's lap the fastest in Nordschleife history, shattering Stefan Bellof's 1983 lap record of 6
  6. Nurburgring Lap Times, Nürburg. 6 likes · 3 talking about this. See more of Nurburgring Lap Times on Facebook
  7. The new lap time is still a few tenths of a second off the time posted by the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. It wasn't long ago that the public spitting contest between Nissan and Porsche regarding the GT-R's lap time around the famed Nurburgring was in the spotlight

McLaren's P1 will join the Nürburgring lap time hall of fame. Here's what it'll join... McLaren has put its P1 around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, with reports of a 7m04s time on the industry's benchmark lap board Lap Times - Tsukuba, Bedford Autodrome, Serres, Hockenheim, Nurburgring. A spreadsheet of lap times of many performance and supercars. Lap times have been recorded at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Bedford Autodrome West Circuit, Hockenheim Short Circuit, Serres Circuit in Greece..

on F430 Board on the Nurburgring during Tinseau testdays The record Nurburgring lap time set by the Lamborghini Huracan Performante should have been a landmark moment for the manufacturer. Instead, it's attracted controversy, as skeptics have accused Lamborghini of faking the 6:52.01 lap time. Some have analyzed the footage and claimed that the.. A lap time on the race track depends of a lot of things, but most important are the driver, the car, the tyres (although part of the car, they are most important after the mechanical parts), tyre pressures, ambient conditions (dry weather, temperatures around 15 °C / 60 °F) and traffic on the track

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  1. Nurburging lap records continue to be smashed. The most recent record holder, the Lamborghini Lanzante promised to bring the P1 to the 'Ring to set a lap time, and now we've got video of the While Lanzante's effort was not officially backed by McLaren, this isn't the tuner's first time tracking..
  2. The new Nissan GT-R has smashed the production car lap record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn announced that a production Ghosn confirmed that the time means the GT-R, a base-spec Japanese car running with revised chassis settings, has delivered on one of its..
  3. Part-time hotel worker Andy Carlile recently set the fastest ever recorded bike lap of the fearsome German circuit on his standard-engined Yamaha R1 - by accident
  4. One track, one lap, one lap time - the lap record on the Nürburgring is the ultimate achievement for all manufacturers championing sporty driving. Since 2019, these record drives are officially confirmed and listed by the Nürburgring. In addition to timekeeping based on calibrated measuring technology..

Very possible times. Haven't posted around the forums often, but my fastest time at 601pp is in a McLaren F1: 6:20.503 Could definitely get under 6:22 at 600pp on the dot. Another mate also doing laps around nurburg with me, got 6:22.--- with the GT Citroen Road Car at 601pp However, how do they stack up at the Nurburgring? Time to find out. When the Honda S2000 was introduced, back in 1999, Nurburgring lap times weren't the mainstream obsession that they are today The all-conquering Nissan GT-R supercar has set another lap record at the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife in Germany. A Japanese specification GT-R, running on Dunlop tyres with RAYS forged alloy wheels (V-spec equipment) recorded a blistering 7min 27.56 secs yesterday. Driven by Nissan's.. Subaru WRX STI lands fastest Nurburgring lap time. A video of the record attempt has been released online and the car's lap time was recorded using the track's equipment and verified by officials In the hands of Walter Röhrl, a Panamera Turbo took the crown with a 7:56 lap time, German auto magazine Sportauto reports. Per Sportauto's testing database, the Panamera blows the doors off the M5's 8:13 lap time, and is rubbing The Ferrari F430 is 1 second faster than the 4000-plus lb sedan..

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The 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 achieved a Nurburgring lap time of 7:12.7, beating its predecessor by 12.3 seconds. That makes the 2018 GT3 among the fastest cars to ever lap the Nurburgring, and it's especially impressive considering that Porsche actually didn't make that many changes for the.. The Nurburgring Nordschleife is one of the most fearsome racetracks in the world. Undoubtedly if BMW wanted to set an official lap time they would most likely source a factory driver and get a more Any lap around the Nurburgring at full-chat is an achievement in itself. Source: sport auto via

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  1. The Nurburgring Bans Lap Times! This comes after a crash during a VLN race that killed a spectator. The track's management has also imposed speed limits. Nuerburgring Bans Lap Times. For car enthusiasts and racing aficionados this is heresy, though the need for safety is understandable
  2. There's no getting away from what a stunning piece of technology and automotive engineering the Porsche 918 Spyder was when it was revealed to the world a couple of years ago, and it was no surprise when it put in an amazing lap time at the world famous Nurburgring
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The legendary bar at the Nurburgring. Thousands of race lovers visit the circuit every year. Yet nobody had every been on it with a kart! The Unmaksed Driver, aka Alberto Reoletti, the TKART tester entrusted with the feat of taking a race kart arund the 'Ring for the first time in history ..projected lap time of just six minutes, 42 seconds around the infamous track, with a promise of taking their time even lower when the street version is let loose. In the comments section of their Facebook page, they explained the specific circumstances behind this projected lap time, which comes after the.. Nurburgring - Nordschleife Lap Record. Topic by Samsquanch. It is tested confirmed working, however in one case, the timestamp is setting it to GMT time (in the future) so any replies will appear before the topic

LS1tech forum legend manages to run an incredible lap time around famous Nurburgring race track in lightly modified F-Body Firebird Formula. However, remember that time when an LS1tech forum member took their Firebird to the Nurburgring? Let's talk about user Phoenix64 and his Firebird.. Essentially, a car's Nurburgring lap time is the ultimate benchmark for a performance car, with much more credibility with sporting drivers than dyno power For the last two decades we've been reporting on the Nurburgring lap times of road cars to keep our readership informed of the latest and fastest

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796 отметок «Нравится», 10 комментариев — Fuell (@fuellgroup) в Instagram: «Porsche 911 GT2 RS In september 2017, the GT2 RS set a 6:47.3 lap time around Nurburgring tooking The war for the front-wheel drive lap record on the Nürburgring is heating up! Earlier this year the Seat Leon Beep beep, it's newsletter time. Drop your email here and get our stories in your inbox. When asked if the brand will be targeting the Nurburgring record specifically, Kato hinted it was possible Now that the rabbit's finally out of the hat, it's time to take a closer look at what the BMW M2 brings to the table. We learned about its specs earlier today, but what do they actually mean? How do they translate into performance? 3 photos

We found one dictionary with English definitions that includes the word nurburgring lap times: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where nurburgring lap times is defined. ▸ Words that often appear near nurburgring lap times Ferrari F430 F1. Horst von Saurma. Best Motoring - Time Attack / Autocar magazine 97, stock[réf. nécessaire][66]. 7 min 59 s 38. ↑ (en) Brian Silvestro, « Watch the All-Electric NIO EP9 Shatter the Nurburgring Lap Record », Roadandtrack.com, 16 mai 2017 (consulté le 20 juin 2017) *Let me note that a superhandling car is a supercar that laps like a hypercar. So a hyperhandling car will be a hypercar that handles well past the current The clock officially started when the Huracan Performante posted its time (and it doesn't matter how that time was arrived at because lap times.. We emailed Mr. Glickenhaus regarding the number, and he told us that during the race weekend, the SCG003C ran an 8-minute, 12-second lap time on the Though we'll note that there's no official Nurburgring-time sanctioning body, someone needs to lay down the time for us to consider this..

This is my first post on this forum. I recorded a lap on the Nurburgring Nordschleife driving the Lotus Exige Scura. I made mistakes here and there.. Subaru colors us thoroughly impressed with a recent record 6:57.5 lap time in the WRX STI Type RA NBR Special at the Nurburgring. Built by Prodrive, a group of engineers with countless awards and trophies, the time-attack race car is equipped with a rally spec 2.0-liter Boxer engine that sends 600.. Nissan have also claimed a lap time of 7:29 sec using standard Japanese market tires, which makes the R35 currently one of the fastest production cars to lap the Nürburgring circuit. Porsche have accused Nissan of falsifying these claims, Porsche conducted their own test of the R35 GTR using no.. New Owner and Long Time BMW Owner Reviews 228i Gran Coupe M Sport. BMW M8 Competition Laps Nurburgring in 7:32.79 by Sport Auto The 993 GT2's original 3.6 L (220 cu in) engine generated a maximum power output of 316 kW (430 PS; 424 hp); in 1998 it was upgraded to 331 kW (450 PS; 444 hp). The 727 code number selected for the project corresponds to one of the Nissan GT-R's lap times around the Nurburgring's Nordschleife

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A-Spec laps, duration. This page was last edited on 13 April 2013, at 11:04. This page has been accessed 40,240 times Record time on the world's most challenging race track: a pre-series Taycan conquered the Nurburgring RECORD Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Fastest Lap Motorcycle Racing - HOW TO RIDE Nick Heidfeld drives around Nurburgring Nordschleife in his BMW Sauber F1.06. If the lap was completed.. HotHardware articles on the topic of nurburgring. The Aventador SVJ was just sitting back and biding its time to go out and thrash the Porsche 911 GT2 RS after said vehicle put a beatdown on little brother Lambo Huracan Performante at the Nürburgring For example, the Vauxhall Astra VXR lapped the Nürburgring in 8:35.00s and a SEAT Leon Cupra went around in 7:58.00s. The soon-to-be-released new Even a VW Lupo GTI, a car with just 123bhp, put in an impressive time of 9:09.00s! You can see each of these laps at The Most Stunning Nürburgring.. Lap time is meaningless. Just don't understand what's the article or the OP trying to say the car did 9:09, and on a good day it could do 8:50. I've driven a Scirocco Cup on the Nurburgring. It was intense. It could be dry in one area, and slippery wet in another

A new video documenting the Pagani Zonda R's 6-minute 47-second Nurburgring lap time has been released. The Zonda R lap time shatters the one set some time ago by the Ferrari 599XX at 6:58. Even though the Zonda R is built off of a street-car design.. In my Google alerts this morning, I received an article from a .AU site that indicates Honda is saying it will in fact break the VW GTI Clubsport S Nurburgring lap time with the next R. They want the caR to run a 7:49 around the 'ring, which put the.. The production car record is just about the most important Nurburgring Nordschleife time to own for sports car makers. First Dale Lomas of Bridge To Gantry caught the 911 GT2 RS lapping the track and did his best to time a lap. He used his camera's time stamps by taking pictures as close to the.. My best lap time is just under 8 minutes but I'm typically anywhere from 8:10 to 8:15 a lap (or higher if I screw up on some corner) with a dry track so a 5 lap set takes just over 40 minutes. Yes, I probably suck at this but at least I just managed to lap the second place car after 40 laps As Adam explains in the Nurburgring Circuit Guide, it's best to learn the track in small chunks and the same is true with this guide. We advise you watch the video in sections, to break down the learning process

Video: Here's the BMW M8 Competition lapping the Ring in 7:32.79. By Gabriel Nica. BMW M2 CS: Approximately 400 units reserved for the U.S. market. It was late 2018 when we first heard about a company that set out to do what seemed impossible at that time: turn CO2 into fuel Answer 1 of 6: My son is coming from Luzerne to the Nurburgring (from Melbourne Australia, via many other cities in Europe). Need help to work out how to get to the Nurburgring from Luzerne. I'm thinking of going by plane to either Luxembourg or.. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus believes that SCG003C lapped the Nordschleife in the equivalent of 6:33 Fastest Lap Record At Nurburgring By Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo Explained. The Volkswagen ID.R has driven the fastest emission-free lap of all time on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. Check out the full lap CreatBot F430 is the powerful 3D printer with most advanced desktop 3D technology. It provides solutions for just about every application from concept to prototype and high performance material direct production. Its best-in-class technical specifications deliver performance you can rely on

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Mugello. Nordschleife 2007 All Layouts. Nurburgring Classic 1960. Nurburgring RFE F1 Layout. Reservoir GP. Salzburgring 2009 In refusing to report lap times from the Nürburgring, Ford might be saying we are too good for that but as the horsepower wars rage on at the owner level Regardless of the reason, the fact that Ford refuses to get involved in the lap time pissing match has no negative impact on the company or on.. Simplify IT and Accelerate Time-To-Value

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A year ago to the day, the fully-electric ID.R lapped the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 6:05.336 minutes - faster than any electric vehicle before. Back on track! The official #DTM season test will take place from June 8 to 11, 2020 at the Nürburgring. This is the first time that the series will return to a racetrack High-performance markets served. European. Balanced Brake Systems designed to handle Autobahn speeds and Nurburgring lapping with better fade resistance, shorter stopping distances and absolute control Score some laps around the legendary Nurburgring circuit in a sports car such as a Nissan GT-R and more! The BHPetrol Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring And here's the best part. You can take part as many times as you'd like to help increase your chances of winning. For example, with a single receipt..

Nio EP9 set a new lap record at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, achieving a time of six minutes and 45.900 seconds. The EP9's new lap record is 19.22 seconds faster than its previous lap time. This is a fabulous achievement for Nio and I am very proud of the team that has worked tirelessly to achieve.. Measure braking (100-0 km/h) Lap time (available soon) G-Force measurement Leaderboard sorted by manufacturer Dragy video drag & drop Create your own profile (garage, profile Dragy Performance Box Lap and Accelerometer USB Charging cable 2x metal plate with 3M adhesive Manual (English) BMW Tops 1 million Sales in First Five Months for First Time. Most Recent BMW News. The 5 Series Gets Longer and Slightly More Hybrid for 2021. Camaro sets record at Nurburgring. 2018 BMW M3 - Order and Pricing Guides. The 5 Series GT becomes the 2018 6 Series Gran Turismo This website uses cookies for reasons of functionality, convenience, and statistics. You can change this setting at any time by clicking on Change settings. If you consent to this use of cookies, please click Yes, I agree It's the first time we get to see details like the design of the bumpers, the large rear diffuser with the center exhaust tips prominently featured, and of course that pair of air intakes on the bonnet. The new spy shots follow the brief appearance of the final production 911 GT3 at Porsche's Super Bowl..

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Announced to the world's press by Porsche AG, Matthias Müller, and Stuttgart legend, Walter Rohrl, the incredible lap time sent typically teutonic applause around the To celebrate the occasion, Porsche has released this video, providing a flavour of that momentous day at the Nurburgring Nordschleife Online Word Processor saves time and money Having the fastest N ü rburgring lap time has long been considered an achievement to boast about in the automotive industry, with the track also It now appears that the management at Nurburgring are taking further action to avoid future safety risks, resulting in this latest ban on timed lap record.. ამ თემაში დავდოთ დროები Nurburgring -ის მხოლოდ. ჩემი. ასეთი სურათი ოღონდ ! ფორუმის სერვერების განთავსებას და ინტერნეტთან კავშირს უზრუნველყოფს: CLOUD9. [ Script Execution time: 0.0259 ] [ 12 queries used ] [ GZIP Disabled ]

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That laptime is enough to elevate the faster Aventador among the very fastest road cars of all time; anything under seven minutes is firmly in the Porsche set a 6min 57sec lap of the Nordscleife in its 918 Spyder and McLaren cheekily confirmed only a 'sub 7min' laptime for its P1 at the hands of chief.. Even for bigger more powerful cars, going round the Nurburgring in under ten minutes is a tall order but BMW and Mini somehow managed to do that in 9 The driver who set this record was indeed the former DTM racing driver Thomas Jäger. To see the video of the lap and also Mini E Race specs, hit.. Date & Time Saturday 11th April | 7:30pm BST Forza 5 BLANCPAIN GT3 Endurance Social Race. [11/04/15 7:30pm BST] - BLANCPAIN GT3 Endurance Race 2: Nurburgring GP. Thread starter s95butters This Lap Around The Nurburgring In-Car With An Instructor Narrating Is Cool, Crazy, And Informative. We first learned about this video from a friend who was in Germany on a wing and a prayer racing trip, this time in the deep end of the pool to compete in a qualifying race for the..

Video: Honda Civic Type R sets fastest FWD lap time at Nurburgring

SCG 003C Race car 6:33 Nurburgring Nordschleife. SCG 003S Road car at Monticello Motor Club and drives home Plastic Lap timer infrared ultrared Receiver Transmitter Beacon Motorcycle Car Outdoor Racing Track Device with Interval Time. Infrared Ultrared Lap Timer Transmitter Receiver Racing Time Track Tool 35M Range For Motorcycle Karting Racing Track

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Time (UTC). Free Practice 1. C. Leclerc, Ferrari, +2.724. V. Bottas, Mercedes, +18.960. Fastest Lap. Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing-Honda, 1:07.475. Weather Prediction Epic Games Gives Mesmerizing Look at Unreal Engine 5 Running Real Time on PlayStation 5 (117). Intel 10th Generation Core Desktop Processors Start Selling (108). Intel Core i9-10900K Stressed, Package Power Reads 235W, Temperatures 93°C (106) The time to beat is a 7 minute 32 second lap. The WRX STI Type RA NBR Special might actually be able to pull it off, if the recent results on the Isle of Man is anything to go by. Subaru tried to set the record in May, but the weather played havoc with the track and they were unable to give Alfa Romeo..

Lululemon Train Times Review | GearLab Here we have the world famous Nurburgring also known as The Green Hell. This track has been ported over from rFactor and tweaked and fixed up for Assetto Corsa. It is an amazing port and a fantastic track to race on Time-Honored Craftsmanship, Smart Customization Weld Neck, Slip-On, Socket Weld, Threaded, Lap Joint, Blind One of the most famous and challenging road racing courses in the entire world, the Nurburgring has been If wanted to win you had to drive it hard enough to ensure a surprise at least once on every lap. Jackie Stewart won three times at the Nurburgring. But the surprises made the old ring a very..

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